Dominique Passanante

Dom has participated in sports since she could walk, and played 4 varsity sports: track & field, gymnastics, cheerleading, and lacrosse. Lacrosse was her favorite.

Being a competitive person she loves pushing herself to be better, which is what to her joining the Marine Corps right out of high school. Dom served 6 years in the Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer, specializing in bridge construction, getting out as a Sergeant in the fall of 2021. Her time in the military-led to joint issues which caused her to have knee surgery, and chronic pain in both knees which drove her to not let injuries define slow her down which is how she found a passion for running. In 2017 Dom ran her first Spartan Race, and now regularly travels the country to compete in OCR races. She also has found a love of weightlifting and long-distance running.

In June 2021 she earned her bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University with a degree in Exercise Science. After a summer-long internship at Athletic Mentors, she is excited to continue to use both her experiences and passion for fitness to help others reach their goals, and let them know that anything is possible if don’t give up!

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