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Attract Talent and Increase Employee Retention

by Ima Admin

Rising generations are demanding more lifestyle-related benefits as part of their employer’s package, which means investing a wellness program increases your ability to attract, and keep, top talent and developed employees.

With unemployment rates remaining under 4% in America, the competition to attract and retain talent is high—and desired employer benefits don’t stop at a competitive salary, 401K, healthcare, and paid time off. Creative benefits that improve positive corporate culture and work-life balance could be the tie-breaker for a potential employee’s choice between you and a competitor.

According to a recent Harris Poll Nielsen Survey, 59% of working employees believe a company should put forth effort to improve their employees’ health. Beyond having a functional, approachable wellness program, those surveyed also desire a healthier working environment. This shows us that the continuity between wellness program options and incorporating health into the workplace is an essential component to program inclusivity (which is why AMW focuses on employee engagement and program integration).

Social responsibility should be an integral part of every company’s mission, and prioritizing your employees’ health through a wellness program is a direct way to improving the level of staff that you recruit and maintaining your current employees’ loyalty. Contact us today to discuss a wellness program that is right for your company!

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